LASER is an active research group at the University of New Haven, founded by Dr. Mehdi Mekni. LASER focuses on applied research, conducted with software development practices. Topics of interest include software QA, software analysis & architecture, end-user programming, software evolution, and collaborative and interactive software development.

To accomplish our goals, our research is organized across the following directions:

  • Computational Intelligence for Software Engineering: How Computational Intelligence techniques improve complex software development tasks?
  • SecDevOps: To understand, improve, and secure the well-established CI/CD and DevOps practices.
  • Machine Learning for Software Engineering: How machine learning techniques improve the software development lifecycle?
  • Software Analytics: How to transform massive data generated by modern development and deployment processes to increase softwate development productivity and operational efficiency?
  • Software Quality: Help to improve the quality of software analysis, design, construction, and usability.
  • Gamification Software: Development of advanced platforms used for applying game mechanics to non-game contexts using Software Engineering techniquescin order to boost engagement and successful end-results. Common use cases include customer loyalty, e-learning, employee engagement, and performance management.